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Reflection – Our Agile Family Seven Years In

I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic about this agile family journey of ours. It all started in 2008 when I first thought to use Scrum to organize our family life. Since then, we’ve certainly come a long way. Early on, we switched … Continue reading

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October – The Homestretch

When I sat down to plan my calendar board at the end of October, I knew that time had caught up with me on a couple of fronts, and that I had to adapt accordingly. For starters, I only had two … Continue reading

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April – Getting My Priorities Straight (Q1)

If this were a business, I’d be in some serious trouble for only posting first quarter results 6 months after the fact. Fortunately, this is not a business. Still. Better late than never only goes so far, and I am … Continue reading

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March – Closing Doors and Opening Windows

Personal Kanban Calendar Lesson #3 I have officially given up on posting the retrospectives from my 2015 kanban goal calendar board experiment punctually every month.  I mean, it’s July, and I’m only getting around to polishing up and publishing the March retrospective. What’s up … Continue reading

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Reflection – The Key to Achieving Mastery

The martial arts concept shu-ha-ri is often used to describe the journey of mastery that practitioners of agile and lean techniques undertake. When you start out (shu), you focus strongly on applying the practices exactly as prescribed by a master … Continue reading

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Living a Life of Value

While Scrum includes the Retrospective as an enforced point of review and reflection after every sprint, Kanban encourages an ongoing evaluation of your work processes and flow. At any given point, you can take a step back from the busy … Continue reading

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Retrospective – Sprint 1

As any good scrum coach will tell you, retrospectives are a vital part of implementing scrum successfully. I’ve heard teams laugh retrospectives off as “kumbaya” or “moan and groan” sessions, and even worse, comment that they don’t bother with retrospectives, … Continue reading

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