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Mommy Dojo Kanban – The Kaizen of Failure

I failed my brown belt grading.  In fact, all three of us senior adults failed. It was harsh. It was painful. It was public. And the 7th dan sensei who presided over our grading made sure to give us each personal and … Continue reading

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Mommy Dojo Kanban – First Month

As promised in the last of my 7-day blogathon posts, today you’re getting a summary of the last four weeks of using the Mommy Dojo Kanban. Thanks to the brief notes I’ve been making every Sunday evening, before resetting my workout kanban for … Continue reading

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Mommy Dojo Kanban: Day 1 – Set up and Get up!

As they say in broadcasting: “I interrupt the usual programming with a special announcement”. My blog posts are usually measured, and written over a few days, and published intermittently. But tonight I’m inspired to try something new. Let’s call it a blogathon, shall … Continue reading

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Introducing – Beyond Agile, the Book

** Update: 22 June 2013 ** I’m happy to announce that the print edition of Beyond Agile is now also available from Amazon. I’m promptly sending my mother a copy, since I don’t think she will quite believe that I … Continue reading

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Checklist + Kanban = Visualization²

Apart from Personal Kanban, our family has also been using checklists quite effectively as part of our organization strategy. At least, I believed that we were using them effectively, until very recently. The First Inkling of Trouble Some doubt crept … Continue reading

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(Personal) Kanban in a Nutshell

Kanban is an agile software development methodology that does not time box work to be done, and has very few “rules”. In fact, there are only two: Visualizing your workflow Limiting your work in progress Anything else beyond this really, … Continue reading

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From Scrum to Kanban

As my posts from 2008 attest, I was thoroughly taken by Scrum and believed that I could use it to help organize my personal life. However, only about two or three sprints into using Scrum to plan our weekly household … Continue reading

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