Getting Started

If you’re new to my blog, this page will help you get right to the posts that are likely to interest you most. I started this blog as a chronicle of how I’m using agile and lean techniques to take the stress out of being a full-time working mother with a busy family. Along the way, I have also posted about deeper insights into life and lean-agile concepts that I’ve gained as a result of our home experiments.

I have created two reading paths through my blog that caters for readers who are interested in either of these perspectives. If you start here, and follow the internal links in each of the posts referenced below, you should get a full picture of our Scrumfamily.

(In the spirit of incremental development, only the first path is currently published.)

Practical Agile and Lean Techniques for Families

We started out using Scrum, but soon found out that it wasn’t working well for us. So I decided to try Personal Kanban instead. My first experiment with our kids went really well, and using a variety of kanban boards has become an integral part of our lives since then. We’ve also successfully combined kanban boards with other techniques like checklistscalendars and the all-important reward system. And we’ve learnt that we need to keep evolving our use of kanban to keep it fresh and interesting for the kids. It’s not called continuous improvement for nothing.

But I haven’t only used agile and lean principles to help me manage our kids’ lives. I use them for my own well-being (read: sanity) and to improve communication as a whole in our family. From planning our financial priorities to communicating personal goals and staying in touch with extended family, to trying to establish an exercise regime for myself, we’ve done it all. We’ve even planned and organized Christmas with great fun using kanban!

Our journey is far from over. As it stands, there’s a whole new phase of our journey in draft form that I’ll be sharing over the next couple of months, so keep checking back for more. And write to me, either by commenting on my blog, or by connecting with me on Twitter or the Personal Kanban community on Facebook.

I can also highly recommend Personal Kanban the Book. It includes a step-by-step breakdown of how to implement Personal Kanban successfully in your own life.

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