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Recognizing the Need for Change

One of the things I love about Personal Kanban, is that it enables me to interrogate subconscious behaviours. By making things that are usually hidden explicit and visible, I am forced to confront them. If there is one thing we humans are not good at interrogating, it’s practises that … Continue reading

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The Physiology of Change

There’s a phrase that you hear often in management circles. It’s also quite common in lean-agile writings. It’s one of those pithy statements that has become elevated to the rarefied status of a truism: “You can only change what you … Continue reading

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Resolve to Commit to Change

The end of the year is a very natural opportunity for reflection. All around me, people are talking about New Year’s resolutions right now. Some do so with a snigger and a laugh. For many, however, making those resolutions is … Continue reading

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