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Finding your Rhythm

One of the key concepts in Kanban and other Lean approaches is Cadence. To borrow from Mary and Tom Poppendieck, as quoted by Karl Scotland: “A regular cadence, or ‘heartbeat,’ establishes the capability of a team to reliably deliver working … Continue reading

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(Story) Size does matter

This past weekend was our third weekend of using our family Kanban board to get household chores done. And in terms of work completed, it was an impressive weekend, with a total of 28 points done. But. Yes, there’s a … Continue reading

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Retrospective – Sprint 1

As any good scrum coach will tell you, retrospectives are a vital part of implementing scrum successfully. I’ve heard teams laugh retrospectives off as “kumbaya” or “moan and groan” sessions, and even worse, comment that they don’t bother with retrospectives, … Continue reading

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