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Scrumfamily – So Long, Farewell

I chose the final lines of my previous goal calendar post very carefully. When I wrote that my intention for 2016 is to do fewer things and do them well, it was also a subtle segue to this announcement. This is my … Continue reading

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Introducing – Beyond Agile, the Book

** Update: 22 June 2013 ** I’m happy to announce that the print edition of Beyond Agile is now also available from Amazon. I’m promptly sending my mother a copy, since I don’t think she will quite believe that I … Continue reading

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Explicit Policies Make Life Simpler

With the start of a new school term upon me, I thought I’d round off my weekend blogging marathon (3 days, 3 posts) with a somewhat more reflective topic. Until a couple of months ago, I hadn’t thought too much … Continue reading

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Visualizing Family Ties with Kanban

In my previous post, I wrote about the importance of sharing personal goals with those around you and how Personal Kanban helps to do that. By visualizing the things you’re working on – whether they are big dreams or small … Continue reading

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Communicating Personal Goals with Kanban

When we started our agile family journey back in 2009, my initial concern as Chief Family Officer was to keep track of household chores and personal administration tasks in a way that would engage our kids in a fun way. … Continue reading

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Life’s a Journey. Enjoy the Ride.*

One of the cornerstones of using Kanban for software development is that it emphasizes the quality of the work delivered, rather than purely driving productivity improvement for the sake of delivering more features, faster. The more I use Personal Kanban … Continue reading

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Knowing when to Pull the Line

In the  original Just-in-Time inventory management system invented by Toyota, any factory worker could pull on an overhead line to bring the entire production line to a halt if a process or quality problem surfaced. Until the problem was fixed, … Continue reading

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