Mommy Dojo Kanban – First Month

As promised in the last of my 7-day blogathon posts, today you’re getting a summary of the last four weeks of using the Mommy Dojo Kanban. Thanks to the brief notes I’ve been making every Sunday evening, before resetting my workout kanban for the new week, I can reflect with some accuracy on the past month’s results.

So let’s start with a quick run-down of how each week’s training has gone.

Week Two

  • It seems I started training slightly too soon after my cold. I wound up not being able to run the rest of the second week because my chest and throat felt too tight. By Sunday, I managed a nice long walk at least.
  • I made both my karate classes, though, making sure that I keep the cardio in check. This is a key part of preparing for grading, so I’m happy that this part of things is working.
  • Also, I’ve decided to reduce my running a bit until after grading. I suspect the niggling pain in my right leg is the result of ITBS (Illiotibial Band Syndrome). Some days in karate class, my right leg is noticeably weaker – and in pain, while the left feels excellent. Focusing on strength work and reducing my running time to prevent further strain may be wise.

Week Three

  • A week off from running has been good for my right leg. The ITBS issues are less noticeable, although they’re still there.
  • Sadly, I only managed one karate class this week. The second class was undermined by family logistics gone wrong.
  • But I did manage two runs – one fast and one slow – and some relaxed swimming and social tennis.

Week Four

  • This has been a great week for karate. I got to both my scheduled classes, and put in 1.5 hours of extra training. Grading is only 10 days away now, so every bit counts.
  • It’s been a busy week at work, though, so I didn’t manage any other exercise until the weekend – today, in fact.
  • Today started with a 5km fun walk with the family, and just wrapped with a strong, slow run on the mountain. It really helps that both our dog and a friend keep me honest on this one. We have a Sunday ritual that we all look forward to.

So what have I learnt in the past month?

  • The Mommy Dojo Kanban really works for me. It’s simple, practical and easy to maintain. The horizon is the next seven days only. When that’s done, I simply reset without sweating major analysis or statistics.
  • It keeps me focused on the key aspects of my training, but allows enough flexibility so I can adapt if things don’t work out – without feeling guilty.
  • A nice side-effect has been that it’s reminded me that formal training doesn’t have to be the only focus of an active lifestyle. The Other card specifically has been a trigger for me to ensure that I do something fun with the family, instead of merely training on my own, every week as well.
  • Unexpectedly, I’ve also learnt something about my eating habits.  As part of my grading plan, I have been watching my calories, protein-carb balance and water intake. I’ve noticed that in weeks when I train less than I plan to, I also deviate easily from my eating plan. It seems that, the more I train, the more my body demands proper fueling. Sitting on the couch has quite the opposite effect. 😉
  • Finally, this workout kanban has inspired me to completely redo our family chore and weekend boards. That will be September’s project, I think.

Thanks to everybody who’s given me such positive feedback about this series of posts, both online and offline. If this small and simple technique is inspiring others in creative ways, that’s a job well done.

Happy training – and happy kanban-ing!

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