Mommy Dojo Kanban: Day 7 – Wrapping things up

So today is the last day of the blogathon. Seven days, seven sprints, seven posts. I’m quite happy that I’ve managed to keep it up. The key was keeping the posts small and focused. This enabled me to generate momentum, with each day building on the next. After all, not every post you write has to be worthy of a Pulitzer. 😉

Small, focused and regular has also been the pattern in my training this past week. That’s a very familiar pattern if you’re an Agilista. In product development, nothing creates forward energy like small batches of work, focusing on a particular goal, delivered regularly to customers.

But let’s check in on the last day of the experiment.

What did I plan to do on Day 7? (Sprint 7)

  • I decided to work from home today. Although I felt significantly better than yesterday, I was still very sniffly and sneezy, and thought my colleagues might not appreciate my germ-bearing condition.  I also wanted to clear my head as much as possible before flying tomorrow.
  • As a result, I didn’t set out to train either.  At most, I thought I’d do a 30 minute karate practice while waiting for my son to finish his class.

What worked on Day 6?

  • Staying home was good. I managed to join most of my meetings via dial-in. Not rushing from pillar to post was really good, and I felt my energy build up through the day.
  • By the time I took my son to karate, I thought I’d wear my gi anyway and perhaps give class a go, stopping at the first sign of trouble.
  • I managed a whole class, working at about 70 to 80% of my usual pace.

What did not work on Day 6?

  • No surprises. All good.

What am I changing and why?

  • I still haven’t decided how I’m going to deal with the kanban updates while travelling. One option is to co-opt my son and ask him to update it for me when I’m out of town, when we speak before bed time. This might have the added benefit of reminding him to keep his own practice schedule up to date.

What have I achieved this past week?

  • I set out to see if the Mommy Dojo Kanban is a workable mechanism to help me spread my training throughout the week. That it certainly is. I found it quick and easy to update, and just enough of a challenge to keep me stretched, without being too much.
  • Each day brought some lessons with it. Around half of them triggered small tweaks to the kanban, the other half triggered other learning for me – mostly about my inclination to try to do too much, too soon. This trait is not unique to my training habits. 😉

What next?

  • The next Mommy Dojo Kanban post will be on the 25th of August – four weeks from now. By then, I should be in a well-settled training regimen, and the Mommy Dojo Kanban should simply be a part of daily life, right?
  • If I don’t post on the 25th of August, please call me on it! 🙂
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