Mommy Dojo Kanban: Day 6 – Small Steps

It struck me today that I have one more day to my disposal than I had realized. I created the Mommy Dojo Kanban last week Tuesday, and started using it that same day and blogging about it. While my work week usually starts on Monday, my 7-day kanban and blog experiment actually runs until Tuesday.

The good news there, is that I don’t have to feel too guilty about not fitting in all my workouts between Tuesday and Sunday, right? 😉 

But still, I’m considering today the end of the week, since that’s my usual cadence. I will do one last blog tomorrow night, though, to round off the blogathon.

What did I plan to do on Day 6? (Sprint 6)

  • Not much. I thought it best not to expect to much of my body in the light of the lingering cold and purposefully decided to see how the day would unfold instead.

What worked on Day 6?

  • Having no expectations. 🙂
  • By mid-afternoon, I felt strong enough to take the dog for a walk, two rowdy boys in tow. Although it was only a fairly slow 3.5 km walk, it was nice to feel the muscles loosen up a bit after three days of inaction.
  • Although I’m really keen to practice karate, I have purposefully decided not to. Instead, I’m using the 30 minute karate card right now to watch kumite clips on YouTube for additional inspiration. Martial arts training is not only about the body, but about the mind, too. I need to learn to “see” my opponent’s attack and respond accordingly.

What did not work on Day 6?

  • I’m pretty happy with Day 6. Although I didn’t go any of my usual runs this weekend, it was all for the best. I feel much better than yesterday, and with another dose of Med-Lemon before I go to bed tonight, I should be (literally!) fighting fit tomorrow. A good thing, too, since Mondays are class nights.

What am I changing and why?

  • I’m not quite sure how I’m going to deal with being away from home this coming week. I have a 2-day work trip coming up on Tuesday, and with the Mommy Dojo Kanban being a physical board, I foresee a hiccup in my future. Let me sleep on that, to see what I can come up with. I have another (longer) trip later this month, so I do have to find a way to keep the Mommy Dojo Kanban on track while I’m travelling.


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