Mommy Dojo Kanban: Day 4 – What Goes Up …

Tonight’s post may well be the shortest of this blogathon experiment. It’s Friday, and I’m quite grateful that it is. An intense work week has left me yearning for pizza and the couch – and quite likely with the winter sniffles after spending most of my week in a training room with forty other people. None of this is at all good for the training programme, I know.

What did I plan to do on Day 4? (Sprint 4)

  • When our dog met me at the front door, I had the fleeting thought that it would be good to take her out for a walk. Or to do that Fast Run – you know, that one from yesterday that I didn’t get around to? That thought flit away almost immediately.

What worked on Day 4?

  • Me. I worked very hard. Oh, but wait. We’re not talking about the 5-day workshop on Continuous Improvement, process management and project governance I’ve just been through, right? No, so let’s move on.
  • Honestly – I didn’t look at the Mommy Dojo Kanban today at all. I don’t want to know what it has to say. Because I know it will tell me I still have three workouts to fit into this weekend.

What did not work on Day 4?

  • Next question, please.

What am I changing and why?

  • Ask me tomorrow once I have slept off this mood.
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