Mommy Dojo Kanban: Day 3 – No news, is Good news

With a few minutes to spare before the witching hour strikes, let me get today’s post out there without further ado!

What did I plan to do on Day 3? (Sprint 3)

  • At first, I thought that I should go for my Fast Run this evening. My body’s a bit sore after yesterday’s training, though, so I also considered making today a rest day.

What worked on Day 3?

  • Everything, sort of.  🙂
  • I realized that the rest day was going to be enforced, since a family commitment in the evening (and some after hours work) would leave me with no time to run.
  • But since I’ve broken down my training for the week, this isn’t stressful. I can see that I can still manage the rest of my training between Friday and Sunday. It’s going to be an active weekend, though …

What did not work on Day 3?

  • The day’s challenges were simply about the amount of time to my disposal. No kanban is going to magically give me more than 24 hours in a day, and its purpose is not to help me cram more into a single day, but to plan my training flexibly throughout the week.

What am I changing and why?

  • Nothing today.

More tomorrow (or is that later today?). Indeed.

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