Report Backs: A New Scrumfamily Series

I’ve written about many of our family’s Personal Kanban and Kidzban experiments since starting this blog. Recently, one of my loyal blog readers asked if I could provide a starting place for new readers. In response, I created the Getting Started page. Here you can read more about our journey to date, and delve deeper into specific topics that I’ve covered so far.

Our family tends to use Personal Kanban in two very distinct ways. The one is to map general family activities, chores and tasks in a typical linear value stream approach. The other is to address specific challenges that we experience in our lives, like staying in touch with our extended family or being more punctual. These contextual kanbans are typically not linear and tend to be more creative and innovative.

As I was writing the  page, I thought it may be interesting to revisit some of our contextual kanban experiments to show how they have worked out for us, and in most cases, how they have continued to evolve as we inspect and adapt.

Of course not everything we’ve tried has worked – at least not the way I expected them to – and considering whether such an experiment can be considered a “failure” or “success” is an interesting question in itself. Is anything in life ever really a failure if you learnt something  by doing it? I believe not.

So join me as I report back on teaching kids timekeeping, establishing an exercise routine and visualizing family ties  – all by using some variant of Personal Kanban or Kidzban. And if there’s a specific experiment that you’d like me to report back on, please let me know in the comments below.

Watch this space!

Posts in the Report Back Series

Report Back: Teaching Kids Timekeeping with Kanban

Report Back: Personal Kanban for Exercise

Other Series on the Scrumfamily Blog

A series on knowing when to pull the line in your personal kanban, and dealing with the subsequent line stop.

Care to Share?

Using Personal Kanban? Finding it a challenge to stay on top of your life? Or just want to share your thoughts about the way I’m using agile and lean thinking? Leave a comment below, or find me on Twitter to connect.

If you’re new to the concept of Personal Kanban and my blog, use the Getting Started page to find your way around the site. It also has links to other excellent Personal Kanban material to help you on your way.

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