Footballing Families and Kanban

So everybody is on the World Cup bandwagon at the moment. I’ve even seen a movie reviewer recently dedicate a whole article to potential football movies for 2014 that producers should start work on now, so that he actually has something to write about the next time the World Cup comes around.

This football-frenzied family (Alright, mom and son only. The other half of the family is glaring at us over the sound of vuvuzelas and shouts of “Laaaaduuuuuuma!”) is facing a similar predicament. With the World Cup going on here on our doorstep, analyzing the lessons of our household Personal Kanban experiments is taking a definite back seat. As somebody reminded me the other day, the World Cup IS my Work In Progress at the moment.

But all is not lost. I will be drawing up a dedicated board tomorrow morning to make sure that we are set to go for the match between Portugal and Korea DPR this coming Monday. There are still a couple of pieces of fan gear to purchase, and we need to get started early on the journey to Cape Town Stadium, so I want to make sure that we’ve crossed all the t’s and dotted all the i’s on this one.

I may also be reporting on a new project quite soon. After reading about my success with our home office reorganization, a friend has asked me to help out with her messy filing. We’ve just started talking about her needs, but I hope to have something to share with you Kanbanites shortly.

In the meantime … I leave you with this:

World Cup 2010. Can you feel it? It’s here!

Tsamina, mina, ah ah, Waka Waka eh eh

Tsamina, mina, zangalewa. This time for Africa!

Or as sung by Shakira [VIDEO]

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