So you’ve just stumbled on this post and you have no idea what Scrum is? Scrum is an approach to software development that has evolved over the past decade, starting its life in the fringes of Extreme Programming and now solidly entering mainstream software product development. If the Norman Nielsen Group is starting to write about usability research in Agile Projects, then you know it’s definitely not fringe anymore! 😉

But a lot of other people have written extensively about Scrum as an approach to software development, so instead of repeating all of that, I’m going to point you to some useful links instead:

For a general overview of Scrum:

For extensive resources on Scrum, provided by members of the Scrum community:

When you’ve finished reading at least the Wikipedia site,  you’ll be ready to come back and learn more about my take on Scrum as an organizational tool that also has applications outside of business and software development. Yes, even in families!

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